Baby Baby Baby

My angel

This is Baby, the West Highland White Terrier, commonly known as the Westie. She is 2 years old, and she's a big part of my life. She is my first puppy ever and when I got her, I realized how much I actually love dogs. 
She lives with me in the house, and she took my room. So my room is hers and I am just a guest here :). I also love her character, cause she's the boss, believe me. It has to be her way. And that's how I am, too, so that's pretty funny. She also makes faces, sounds, so I like to say that she's almost taking. :D She's very friendly, but not a huge fan of kids, and she loves men. I could write about her until tomorrow... so those are my favorite pictures of Baby, since she was two months old. Enjoy :D 

1st day together


Love this face

Favorite pillow

my cutie

Good mornin'


Can't understand the snow 
Sleeping with her teddy

Rainy day


My love

Sleeping again

Fresh haircut

Sleeping AGAIN

Can't study anymore

Introducing the strawberry

My support

Bad bad girl B

Our second B day